Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What I look like - Midas

Hi my name is Midas.  Im wearing a flower t-shirt. It is green, black and pink and is one of my favourites. My pants are grey and black and have a pattern of a maze on them. My socks are black and blue.
My hair is black and my skin is pale white. I have two ears that stick out from my head. They are surrounded by brown short hair. My eyes are a light brown with light coloured eyelashes. I am 9 years old.
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                                                     What do I look like:                                      28 o Hongongoi
Whainga Ako:  to use descriptive words to describe myself.

Hi, my name is Kararaina and I have black hair. I have brown eyes and I've got medium eyelashes. You can also see that my eyebrows are a little long. I am wearing  a see through t-shirt and it has some sparkles on my it.   My see through t-shirt is black and my pants are pink.  My socks are pink and my shoes are pink too.  I have a shiny smile in the sun.  The warriors jacket around my waist is cool and I am 9 years old. My skin is the color of light brown and I look like an angel in the picture,  ha,ha,ha  My family love my smile because it always reminds them of a warm, bright sunny day under the sun.  I'm afraid that I don't have any more information about myself but I will thank you for reading my descriptive writing about myself. 💋😇😅

Ko wai au - Tyler

Ko wai Au - Tyler
29 o Hongongoi 2015

I have brown hair and brown eyes. My face is narrow and my hair is short. I am 8 years old and came here from Okaihau Primary School. I  am wearing a black nike jersey. I am wearing  warm as pants.

I   am  in  the  classroom.   This  class is Room  11.  I   am  happy  in  this  photo.  
There  is  a  table  in   the  background.   I'm  sitting  on  the  carpet. My brother Herbie likes to come to my class and draw on the whiteboard. He is 2 years old.   


What do I look  like?
Whainga Ako:  Use the pikitia below to describe what I look like.

Hi my name is Jorgarose.

I have brown hair.

I have brown and green eyes.

I have a lot of friends.

Most of my friends are in kapa haka.

We have to do a lot of kapa haka practice.

I am in Ruma Tekau ma Tahi.

I go to Kaikohe West School with my friends.

I love going to school every day.

What I look like

Hello my name is Bjorn.  I am a boy and I have 2 sisters and 4 brothers, so that makes the 5th  boy.
I'm the third one born and I am naughty. I get into lots of fights. I fight at home and school.  My secret identity is "The Specialist".
I have brown eyes and black hair.  I am tall and skinny with a long distance running physique.  I am wearing an aims games jumper its black green and white.  I am 9 years old and like going to school.

Ko wai au - Robbie

Ko Wai Au - Robbie
29 o Hongongoi 2015

I have black hair that is smooth , my eye colour is brown and I am wearing a black and white top. that says Brooklyn.  It has stars on it and I am wearing blue short that have white marks on them.  I am a boy who is 10 years old.  I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters.   I have a family of 6.  I'm half Maori and half English.   I'm the third fastest in the family and I wear black and dark blue socks all the time. I am the second youngest in the family and my name is Robbie.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Renee - What I look like

28/o7/ 2015
Whainga ako:describe and write what I look like.

Hi , my name is Renee.  I have brown with a little bit
of black in my hair. My eyes are a light brown with a tinge of yellow. I am a girl who likes to be the most helpful person in the ruma.  I have a black and gold jersey with roses primted on it.  I have a blue T-shirt with AUT on the front and I have a blue, pink, black and white pants on. My socks are blue, and my shoe's are fully black, and I am 9 years old, soon to be turning 10.  My birthday is in week one of Term 4  and the date for my birthday is the 14 on October.

Thank you for reading this
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Monday, July 27, 2015

blog mahi 2

Whainga ako:  describe and write what we look like.

Hello,my name is Shariyah I have brown and blondish hair.   I know it may look like I have black hair but in reality I have brown and blondish hair, but as I was saying I have brown eyes and black eyelashes. In this image I am wearing a big black puffy jacket with some skinny jeans and a small stripy t - shirt, also as you can see, my hair is out.  My skin colour is light tan with a little bit of sunlight shining on me. I believe that I have a big nose, but that does not worry me.  I am also 10 years old and I have big pink lips and I always hear my family say that I "look like an angel",
so there you go, that is what I look like.
Thank you
for reading

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Kyra - Leiana the queen

Features about me      27.07.2015
Whainga Ako:  Use the pikitia below to describe myself.

Hi my name is Kyra - Leiana. I am a female (girl) and I have long dark brown hair. My eye colour is black and my black eye lashes are stylish.  I am wearing long black and white zebra skinny jeans with a grey puma jersey.  I have got a big cheesy 11(eleven) years old smile.  I had butterflies when I took my photo because I wanted to make sure my photo looked good.  That was hard.  The camera app that I took my photo with was called Webcam Toy.  In the background is my classroom Ruma Tekau ma Tahi.  My school is Kaikohe West School.  Kaikohe is in the North Island of New Zealand.
KIA ORA for  reading my mahi.
Nga mihi

hi miss this is my work

           This is who I am                                                                                   27-07-2015
Whainga Ako:  Using the picture below use describing words to show my facial features.

         Screenshot 2015-07-27 at 12.19.03.png        
Kia ora my name is Harmony and I am from Kaikohe.   I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers. I am the fourth kotiro in my whanau. My hair is black with a little bit of blond  and my eyebrows are brownish with natural shaping. My tino ataahua lips are pinkish.   My smile is like I have lots of fun because it is always big and beautiful.  .My eyes are as brown as the dirt but warm as the sun.  My skin is paler than my hair.  My  hair is as black as the night sky and is short,  and my eyelashers are also black and long because I put mascara on twice a week. . My jacket is as green as the dark grass and my smile is as big as a base-ball diamond.  My skin feels like bumps in my face.  My cheeks are as light red as a red bowl. 
I go to Kaikohe West School and I love to dance and sing. I really love to sing so I can become famous when I am older.


             Features about me                                                                                  27-07-2015
Whainga Ako:  Describe myself using the photo's below.

Hi my name is Nare-Toni. I have brown eyes and I have beautiful, black eye lashes.
I am a female (girl) and I have dark brown hair.
My skin colour is brown and my lips a a cool lightish red colour.  I am wearing a star jersey,blue skinny jeans, blue and pink lady bug socks and a blue and white drop back t-shirt.  I am 10 years old
and I have 206 bones in my body.  

Destiny - Ko wai Au

What I look like… 27.07.2015
Whainga Ako:  Describe what I look like using the photo below.
Kia ora my name is Destiny and I'm 11 years old. My hobbies include dancing and performing on stage for an audience. In this photo I have long red hair and am wearing a black polka-dot hoodie.
My eyes are as green as papatuanuku and I am wearing a fashionable beany. My skin is olive and shines in the sun. I have a chubby face and big red lips. In this background I am at school in my classroom.
I am in Ruma tekau ma tahi and my school is situated in a small town called kaikohe in the Far North.

What I Look Like - River

What I look like - River                                                                                         27-07-2015
Whainga Ako:   Use the picture below to describe myself.

Hi my name is River. I am in room 11. I have browny red hair and my eyes are brown.  I do kapa haka with my friend and I do kapa haka with girls and boys. We have to do a lot of practice with Whaea Lainie. We do practices on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I go to Kaikohe West Primary school with my friend Jorgarose. We play a lot of games and practice our poi when we are not in class.


Whainga Ako: Describe and write what we look like.

27 Jul 2015 10:53:14.jpg
Hello my name is Koby. I have a twinkle in my brown eyes which are surrounded by beautiful, long black eyelashes. I have black, short, curly hair and nice brown skin with a bright sun shining on my face.  I also have dark pink lips and chubby cheeks. My clothing is a light blue zip up jacket and three quarter black pants. My age is 10 years old. My family says that I am a star and so does my teacher. I am in Ruma tekau ma tahi and I am going to be the narrator for our school production called "Pirates and Mermaids".
Thank you for reading my mahi.
Koby Kelleher


...Features about me…



Hi my name is Elga-Jean. I have long black straight hair with a couple of blonde streaks going through it. My eye colour is black with a little bit of brown. I am a female (Girl) and I am 11 yrs old. In this photo I am wearing a black and purple puffa jacket. I am happily smiling in this photo, with butterflies in my tummy. This photo was taken at 3:30 and this photo was taken at home while I was on my laptop. The website that I used to take the photo was Webcam Toy. I have a couple of beauty spots around my mouth and big cheesy smile. My cheeks are light red because I was nervous.